Dabbling in Augmented Reality

I’ve been somewhat following augmented reality (AR) from a distance for a while now, and have always wished to get my feet wet and try some stuff. But as many before me, a lack of time and motivation to learn the toolsets has always stopped me.

That changed yesterday when we were talking about it at work for potential clients, and my colleague and I set sail on to new worlds.

He was to test AR with an SDK called wikitude, while I would test vuforia with Unity3D. We both had little to no prior experience with Unity3D, other than installing it and failing early on in the tutorial, and both had 0 experience with AR.

My setup was really easy. I had to follow several tutorials on YouTube, as I couldn’t find one that took me from start to finish and did what I wanted to do. After about 2 hours, my prototype was ready to show.

My next step is to work further on this in my free time, and I want to try and do the following:

  • Have a bigger item¬†tracked, that will act as an arena
  • Have 2 monsters spawn when the image is tracked
  • Both monsters fight until one has no life points anymore
  • Monsters respawn when a new¬†image appears

This should keep me busy for a while.

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