Side Income #1 – Follow up 1

Following up on my earlier article Side Income #1, my “fun” design has been taken down automatically because it looked too much like the original Yoda face. This makes sense, since I used a high-ranking google image result for “Yoda” to draw my version in Photoshop. I received an email from the redbubble team saying that the owners of the copyright had a history of being very picky.

While looking at other Yoda-èsque designs on the website, I noticed that a lot avoided being very obviously taken out of a picture of the movies. It would make sense that Lucas Film & Co would protect their IP, I just didn’t imagine it would be this draconian.

However, I do enjoy redbubble’s proative approache towards this issue. The last thing I want is an experience at a side income costing me more than just time!

So to continue with my experiment, as I haven’t yet sold anything on the website, I’ve uploaded a new original design. This was something I doodled in Photoshop and uploaded to the website. I don’t expect it to be a great success, but again, this is experimenting. As soon as I get more free time, I might design several t-shirts in the same “style” and see if it’s something that catches on.

Love Me t-shirt
Love Me t-shirt design

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